3 Benefits of using a Face Shield

Face masks have become a popular option. They are small and convenient. But are they the safest option?
Swami AGM
July 16, 2020

In the time of Covid-19 pandemic, protecting one-self from exposure to the virus is of utmost importance. Face masks have become a popular option. They are small and convenient. But are they the safest option? Recently Face Shields have been proposed to be a better and safer alternative to face masks. This article looks at 3 reasons to use a face shield during Covid-19.

  1. What is a Face Shield?

Face Shield is a transparent plastic panel that is slightly curved in shape. The plastic panel is usually made of polycarbonate. This material is known for strength and vision clarity. It is joined to a light-weight adjustable elastic headband. This makes it easy and comfortable to wear.

Before Covid-19, face shields were used by health professionals handling infectious materials. Police, construction workers used face shields for physical safety. Bike riders use it for riding comfort against wind and dust. Today, in a world of social-distancing, protecting one's face and preventing exposure to the virus is vital. Numerous studies point to the fact that a face shield significantly reduces the chances of inhaling the virus. 

2. What are the advantages of a Face Shield?

While cloth based face masks cover only the nose and mouth, face shields can cover the eyes too. At times, face masks can be uncomfortable on the skin or may fall out of place. To adjust, one may use their hands and unintentionally touch nose and mouth. It is also noticed that people remove face masks so that they are heard clearly while speaking. 

Face Shields overcome some of the limitations posed by face masks. A few inches gap between the face and and the shield provides comfort to the user. Being able to see each other's face add confidence to our daily interactions. One can go about doing daily activites without touching their face with their hands unknowingly.

3. Which is a good Face Shield? 

A number of companies make face shields. One company featured in this article is Arkray. Akray is a Japanese multinational company making diagnostic and monitoring products. Arkray Healthcare India recently introduced a new Face Shield under the brand name TrustGuard. 

Features of Arkray TrustGuard Face Shield

  • Protects direct droplets from splashing on the face
  • Clear and curved plastic panel - no sharp edges or corners makes it comfortable to handle
  • Adjustable band with velcro for easily putting on and taking off
  • Simple to clean with sanitizer or soap water
  • Available in Packs of 3 and 5

4. How much does this Covid-19 face shield cost?

Pack of 3 - Rs. 649

Pack of 5 - Rs. 999

5. Where can I buy this face shield?

Covid-19 Face Shield is available at Diabetes Shoppe.

Call 080-26697117. 

Place your orders for home-delivery within Bangalore. 

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