everything you need to manage diabetes

Diabetes Shoppe has all your diabetes requirements, glucometers, bp monitors, test strips and essentials in one place. Sold and serviced by us. Peace of mind for you. The way we have for more than two decades.
Diabetes Shoppe Contour Plus One

Blood Glucose Monitors

Glucometers from leading brands such as Glucocard, Contour,  Accu-Chek, One Touch and many more. When you buy from Diabetes Shoppe, we take care of the demo, meter warranty and service, all at one place.
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Blood Pressure Monitors

BP from leading brands such as TrustCheck, Microlife, and many more. Fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitors. Convenient to use. All monitors come with limited warranty and replacement options.  
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Diabetes Shoppe Glucocard 25 Test Strips

Test strips for glucometers

Testing strips of major glucometers available with us. Available in packs of 10's, 25's, 50's and 100's. Fresh batches and long shelf life for reliable readings and long time use. If you cannot find one, talk to us. 
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Covid Essentials

Products to keep you safe during Covid-19. Face masks, face shields, infra-red thermometers, pulse-oximeters, hand gloves, thermometers and more.
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Diabetes Shoppe Circa Non Contact Thermometer